From the very first time when we met each other in April 2010, we had the same idea of creating a new way of traveling for the youth, the people who really want to explore the world in a very different way. We created Mystery Hunting at that time.

What we have expected is that Mystery Hunting (MH) will be an adventure and treasure hunting. Participants form a team and together they compete with other teams to find the treasure, solve the problems we give to them, travel through many beautiful and historic places on this earth. They need to research and understand the culture, history and many related facts to get over the adventure and win the game. By that reason at the end of each season the participants will gain a lot of knowledge, soft skills and more importantly is true friendship with their partners.

With those rich experiences in creating MH adventure, we confidently say that we are the only company until now have the capability to create very distinctive Adventure program and events. We also create a new trend in Events executing. Instead of doing “traditional” event, corporations and companies now can create a hunting events for the customers. We have worked with Kinh Do for AFC brand and Sony Vietnam. for Xperia and Sony Vaio brand to create a hunting event differently with any other kind of events from the past. Please have a look at our porfolio and see what we successfully did.

If you want to do hunting, don’t hesitate to contact us, you will be amazed!